Here are 5 surprising reasons why your Denver house isn’t selling

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Assume you’ve done everything you can to market your home and make the sale as profitable as possible. Then you may need to consider your house from the perspective of a buyer who is unemotionally involved. Buyers can be left with an unforgiving first impression if you fail to consider these potential deal breakers beyond your front door, leaving a mark that cannot be erased when they contemplate their options for their next home.

You may wonder what you’ve been doing wrong if you’ve been trying to sell but haven’t received a response, especially from walk-throughs. Read on as we explore five surprising reasons your house may not be selling in Denver and how you can fix them.


Even if your nose has become blinded to the familiar smells of your home, buyers walking through will surely notice, preventing your house from selling in Denver, things such as extreme cooking odors, signs of smoking, or pets. During the listing period, reduce cooking odors and banish smoking indoors. You should also remove all outward signs of your pets, such as bowls, cages, and the pet itself, for showings. Would you be surprised to learn that keeping your house unlivable may also hinder its sale? Rather than being overly sterile, it’s best to make the home feel lived-in so buyers can imagine themselves living there. During showings, buyers can be turned off by clutter just as much, if not more so. The best agents hire professional stagers to achieve the perfect balance. Using props to enhance the presentation, stagers may have you remove excess supplies to free up storage space, oversize furniture to make rooms appear bigger, and even put your furniture in storage. Direct sales to local professionals like those at New Again Houses Denver eliminate the need for walk-throughs and the costs of preparation and marketing. We at New Again Houses Denver don’t believe sellers should have to pay anything before the sale, and you will not have to pay any commissions either.


The curb appeal and prep work you do for your house can help bring buyers in the door, but a house in disrepair is challenging to move in the Denver real estate market and might prevent it from selling. You will obviously want the house clean and organized. But you will want to do more than that. Things such as carpet stains and dirty walls are a sure turn-off to potential buyers. As such, think about hiring a professional carpet cleaner to clean all your carpets to make them look fresh and clean. Also, you may want to consider hiring a painter to paint the interior of your house. A fresh coat of paint can go a long way.

However, professional buyers like those at New Again Houses Denver buy properties directly from sellers in as-is condition, saving you the hassle of repairing them yourself. This means we don’t care about the condition of your house as our intention is to complete a full remodel of the home anyway. So don’t worry about cleaning or staging your home for us. Often within just days or; chat with us about the best moving date for you; New Again Houses Denver will offer a guaranteed closing date and take on the risks of repairs.


You may have set your asking price too high or too low, preventing your home from selling. Professional buyers like those at New Again Houses Denver ensure you understand the profits to be made by listing and compare that to our offer to buy your home directly for cash, which we want you to agree is fair. At New Again Houses Denver, our professional buyers work with a full-service in-house team of industry specialists to move you to the closing table without paying any closing costs.

New Again Houses Denver buys houses in all shapes and forms. If you need to sell your house or inherited an unwanted property, give us a call at 720-505-3968. We’ll get in touch with you as soon as possible to get more information about the home, and to set up a time to walk through it. We typically can schedule a walkthrough within 24 hours of speaking since we are a local Colorado company. As soon as we have evaluated the property in person, we can determine a fair offer (typically within 24 hours) and close quickly.

We close fast and pay cash in as little as just 3-5 days. Give us a call now at 720-505-3968 or fill out the short form over here.

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